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As much as prescription frames also sunglasses made by CREATUS, they´re manufactured by MATERIALISE, one of the most important enterprises in 3D printing world, with a wide experience in frame´s 3D printing.
The manufacturing material is Polyamide (PA 12) and its process of each frame is the Selective Laser Sintering  (SLS). This technology uses solid materials in small particles of dust. A laser ray is fusing the particles together in a kind of dust bed in a selective way, increasing its temperature, it´s solidifying and making the glasses´ frame. See process video.

Polyamide pieces are solid, light, flexible and hard-wearing. They count with an excellent stability in the long run and they´re durable to most of the chemical substances, being a biocompatible and harmless material.

Thanks to the merger of 3D printing technology and CREATUS, you´re able to reach the most innovative glasses in the whole market and the aim is you´re the CREATOR! Unique, light and hard-wearing. 

*For more info and technical specifications.

Creatus glasses
Centrostyle high quality lenses


Creatus sunglasses have got high quality sun lenses, made in Italy by Centrostyle, and in Germany by Zeiss, accomplishing with the international normative of quality ISO 12312-1:2013. We only think in our customer profits.

Choose the right lens to your benefit. In Creatus we offer you the best quality to protect your visual health:

  • Polarized: this kind of lenses ar ideal to drive, snow, water sports and fishing.  With our polarized lenses you can get the best clear image.  These are the colours you can choose:
    – Grey
    – Green
    – Brown
    – Yellow
  • Mirror with polarized filter: These are ideal to match with the frame colour, with a high solar protection and all the benefits of polarized lenses. You can choose:
    – Blue
    – Violet
    – Pink
    – Green
    – Red
    – Gold
    – Silver
  • Fashion ZEISS: the right choice to follow fashion trends, but always thinking in your best eyes protection. With the warranty and quality of ZEISS GROUP. You may choose:
    de :
    – Gradient blue
    – Gradient Grey
    – Gradient brown
    – Clear blue
    – Pink
    – Clear green

Cleanless and cares

To clean the glasses use water and soap, and dry with a clean chamois cloth. Do not use alcohol either solvent.

Polyamide is water resistant but it mustn´t get in contact with water during long periods of time. About temperature, if Nylon PA subjects to a heat above 120ºC (248 ºF), maybe the item shape disrupts meaningfully.

The wrinkled surface of polyamide objects can attract dirt and fading. You may avoid it with soaping water and a chamois cloth, let the glasses dry totally. However,  we recommend to avoid a strong friction with the colour objects to avoid the surface deterioration.

Blue Creatus glasses

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