Frequently Asked Questions


Product range and design options:

Could I buy prescription glasses?
No, you couldn´t. In Creatus we´re also opticians and the prescription and the assembly of the lenses will be optimal, our suggestion is you come to our Associated Optician´s where the most qualified professionals attend you in this matter.
What is the different between men and women glasses?
The only different is the glasses size. The different sizes could be distinct for men and women related to physiological shapes.
Are there glasses for children?
Although in our web site only men/women selection appears, if you choose size “S” in women selection, it´s equal to a standard child with an age range from 8 to 14 years old.
What are the glasses made of?
The material is Polyamide (PA Nylon). For more info click here.
Which maintenance cares should I carry out?
To clean the glasses, use water and soap. Then, clean the lenses with a microfibre chamois cloth. Avoid solvent or alcohol products.

Wrinkled surfaces of the polyamide objects could attract dust and another fading. You can solve it with a soapy water and a soft rag, leaving drying totally. However, we recommend to avoid a strong friction with the colour objects to prevent a surface damage.

Can the glasses be wet?
Polyamide is water resistant but it shouldn´t come into contact with water during large periods of time.
How can I know my right size?
Check in “Size Guide”.
Can I register my design?
Creatus guarantees your design will never be copied the model without your consent.
Where are Creatus glasses produced?
The frames are produced by Materialise in Belgium. The sun lenses are produced in Germany (Zeiss) and Italy (CentroStyle) and the sunglasses and frame eyeglasses are assembled in Madrid by Creatus Team.
Can it made curved sunglasses?
Our Creator only makes an unique curve, but we´re working they´ll be available in a coming future.

Shipment and refund:

How much do shipping costs cost?
Shipping costs are free for all EU.
Could I get a refund If I´m not satisfied with the purchase?
No, you couldn´t. It´s an unique and a tailor-made product.
How much time do the glasses take since I make the order?
20 days approximately, although this period could change because of the design difficulty.
Which guarantee do Creatus glasses have?
All Creatus glasses have 2 years guarantee from the receipt of the product on the condition that it was a manufacturing defect.

Online purchases and user assistance service:

How much do Creatus glasses cost?

Frame eyeglasses cost 199€, taxes included. Prescription lenses are not included . We recommend you to contact with our Associated Optician´s network. Sunglasses cost 219€, taxes included. Sunglasses lenses are included and you can find more information here.

Can I try on the glasses before ordering them?
You can try on them in our virtual testing.
Is it necessary logging in our web to buy the glasses?
It´s necessary to process the order.

If you process the order by your Optician´s, it´s not necessary.

What is the different between buying the glasses in your Optician´s regarding online?
Although it´s easy to design your glasses via online, in our Associated Optician´s you could get the right professional advice to help you.
In which Optician´s can you find Creatus glasses?
Only in our Associated Optician´s you can find here.
Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel it if you contact us in less than 24 hours from the time you´ve process the order.
Could I go back to doing an order I made before?
Yes, you could. Contact with Creatus
Have the glasses got a case?
Yes, the glasses have got a hard case and a microfibre chamois cloth included.
Can Creatus glasses adjust if they fall down?
You can adjust them without any cost in whichever of our Associated Optician´s.

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