Aesthetic Suggestions

What´s looking good on you?

Follow our advices and these help you to get the right design!

When we´ve to choose the shape of your glasses, you must notice your face shape, although it´s also important your skin tone and hair colour, as the frame size and its colour against complexion and hair can give you more or less brightness. Another important suggestion is the nose: glasses could cover up a long nose or a small one, choosing a bridge design of the glasses thinner of more thickness.

Face shape

This kind of face is suitable for nearly all shapes. If you´ve got this face, whichever glasses can suit you and you´ll be able to choose the shape you like. Remember to design your glasses with proportional dimensions according to your face.

Thickset frames are more suitable for these kind of faces. Avoid round shapes. If you´ve got this kind of shape, it´s better to make the glasses smaller, making lenses standing out of the face. Square shapes are more advisable with rounded edges, better wider than higher, and polygonal shapes.

A trick: shorten the distance between forehead and chin. Choose big frames with a bigger vertical height. For this, big and squared shapes with straight lines are more suitable.

The features of these kind of faces are a wide forehead and a narrow chin. We recommend you the glasses doesn´t exceed the head temples and the forehead will look narrower. Rounded glasses are more suitable, and rising frames, those are butterfly shapes, for example, that lengthen your face and follow its geometrical shape.

Avoid rounded frames as in rounded faces. We have also to avoid squared and straight shapes. The more suitable shapes are pear or “Aviator” ones.

Skin tone and hair colour

People with dark hair and pale skin look good on them dark glasses and colours contrasting their skin tone.

If you´ve got blonde hair, you may choose light glasses or pastel tone instead of dark ones.

For dark skins, it´s better to go for light tone glasses to contrast.

Nose size

The bridge size of your glasses will be the key.

For long or thickness noses, we´d choose a wide bridge to balance the nose size.

For small noses, it´s better to make a thin bridge. With this, we´ll highlight the nose, even it´ll seem longer.

Body size

The glasses size is important that has a well-balanced proportion with the body size. Short people suit small glasses, meanwhile stocky people could choose bigger ones.

We hope that you have the right assistance with these advices. Even though in Creatus you´re
the Creator, we want to come first the freedom above all. Creatus, Designed by me.

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