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CREATUS shapes itself three dreamers, Charles, Jabba and Yusus: two opticians and an
advertising executive. Charles and Yusus have a large career path in the business sector and
optics world, with an experience of more than 20 years, being witnesses of numerous trends
had been appearing in the eyeglasses and sunglasses design and the huge number of frame
materials both of them have worked with. Jabba on his behalf carries out working as
advertising executive more than 18 years developing projects for several national and
international brands.

Analyzing as most of the people wear the same glasses models, we consider the chance the user could create his own style without relying of anybody. We attempt to stir up the conservative optics world and we´ve decided to take the first step so that everybody, you and us, we take no notice of being simple observers to be the protagonists of our glasses creation, bringing in new materials and using the different tools current technology provides us so that
your glasses will be the more innovative ones of the present market.

CREATUS is a dream come true, based on our professional experience and the constant work to do feasible, a dream hadn´t been possible without the invaluable aid of Kodens, company led
by Miguel Fermín, whose patience, expertise and experience in software programming have done feasible the impossible developing something entirely new in this area. Our other base is
Materialise, an European enterprise, leader in 3D printing in an industrial level. The result has been the creation of some unique glasses, of endless designs, as much as your imagination could create, but keeping the right optician criteria. Creatus glasses are created by a Spanish web tool and manufactured in Europe.

For those reasons, we want you to participate, giving the chance to be the CREATOR of your own eyeglasses or sunglasses: a pair of glasses unique in whole over the world.

Therefore, we´re at your disposal an easy web programme where you can create your own design by yourself or with the assistance of your optician, with the shape, colours and size you choose…

Indeed, thus we´re in CREATUS: making you the genuine protagonist!

“CREATUS Designed by me”

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